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I’ve wanted a dog for the longest time ever, but never was really sure if I could find the time to take care of it. Recently a friend of mine got a dog, which she wanted me to take care for the rest of the quarter her often since she had school (the pup was still in the training phase, so I got a little taste of how it was like to train and housebreak a pup).

Taking care of the pup made me want a pup even more, and so I got to researching breeds. I’ve decided that I would like to have a snow pomeranian pup. They stay quite small and are very loyal, plus they can get used to being around the house most of the time. However, those pups run quite pricey, so I was considering other breeds, until I saw Kangin’s Pomeranian, which made me firmly decide I’d like that type of dog. For now, I’m thinking of a unique name for the dog.


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