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Welcome to 2009

New years represents quite a significant time for a lot of people. For many it’s like an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Everyone is excited about making resolutions and changes to their life that they believe will keep them sailing smoothly for the rest of the year. Yet many people never really do fulfill those resolutions; they never work off those few cumbersome pounds, or implement a beneficial change into their schedule. It’s kind of silly to believe that New Year’s Day is enough for us to completely reformat our lifestyles to our liking, while neglecting the other days of the year. Perhaps it’s partly because during this day we are reminded to reflect on the past year, sort of like an end of the cycle where everyone looks back. Nonetheless, if a day is enough, we can be constantly improving ourselves daily. Easier said than done, though, since sooner or later we fall into routine-coma and end up reliving our daily schedules again. Therefore this year, I am going to outline a general direction for change. Little goals along the way will ensure that they will not become just another New Year’s resolution failure.

One of my resolutions is to be more fit and active.(Too much focus on school. I’m depriving myself of my own self, my own character, who I want to be. I do not wish to be a scholar. They are so boring. What else can they do other than hold a witty conversation?) What does this mean? Getting the washboard and having more control over my body. You’d be surprised to realize how stiff everyday people are. Even if you’re athletic, can you really move any part of yourself to your liking? Dance. I wanna try that.

I think people should be more multidirectional. We should be well-rounded and have a wide scope of abilities and skills. The little things add up and who knows where they will help you. The larger your toolkit- the more handy of a man you are =]]  There are no real goals here. As long as I am either doing something new or improving something, I will be able to meet this year’s end with smiles.

We all break down sometimes, have our hard times, and sometimes we act out in ways that we wish we haven’t. We’ve hurt some people, angered some people, and done some stupid things. How many times have we had to say sorry this past year? This year I will be more considerate, tolerant, and caring. Of course there are those cases where you shouldn’t be any more tolerant.

Why haven’t I mentioned school? Who needs to make resolutions about school. Just study and do better. GE is stupid and many of the classes are useless. There is no need to have passion in school. Wait for your major classes.

As a final word of thought, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous year. Less frowns and more smiles.


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